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Building Strong Connections Can Improve Your Overall Health

Humans are hard-wired for connection. Dr. Kelly Turner interviewed hundreds of patients with advanced cancer to see what helped them to “beat the odds.” Fostering social connections emerged as a pivotal element in their healing journey. The exchange of love and support among individuals not only alleviates anxiety but also yields tangible benefits for the body. When experiencing love, the body releases calming hormones, leading to an enhanced sense of well-being, reduced inflammation, and a bolstered immune system. It's noteworthy that loneliness correlates with heightened cortisol levels, the stress hormone.


Love is a high frequency vibration (energy) that can help bring the body back in balance. In fact, research shows that people with more social connections live much longer than those with less connections. In Dan Buettner’s book The Blue Zones, talking about regions where people live long lives, one of the key ingredients was being part of a community. Those living longest spent time nurturing their relationships and surrounding themselves with like-minded people with healthy lifestyle habits.  

The good news is it doesn’t matter how you get your social support- it can come in many different ways- friends, family, a neighbor, nurse, clergy, or even a pet! The important thing is that you feel supported. The secret to beating loneliness is not how many friends you have- it’s how often you see your friends!  

In Radical Hope, Dr. Turner offers some action steps to build social support:

  • Practice asking for help and show up for others who may be going through a challenge. 

  • Sign up for an activity you enjoy- a dance class, an art walk, a writing class, or pickleball.

  • Be around friends who are positive and uplifting.   

  • Volunteer at a community event or activity you enjoy.

  • Reach out to a coach, social worker, or energy healer if you’re feeling stuck or want to stay accountable.  

Taking small steps can help you build connections and feel more joy in life.  To learn more about building connections and adapting other healing factors in your life, feel free to contact me.  

Anne Reb

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